Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Tuesday: How to stay warm and look cute doing it!

I was getting dressed this morning and was thinking about this. Temperatures are dropping, you're adding more and more layers to your look, trudging through the snow (ok I'M not, but you may be) and then getting to work flustered. At least you can look cute doing it, right?

1. Invest in a great pair of boots (or two, or three...). This year I bought an edgy take on riding boots. They are grey-ish black and have a blue exposed zipper in the back. Makes me toasty and trendy.
2. Cashmere socks. I'm telling you---when I was in Italy over a year ago my feet were freezing. We stopped in a shop and bought $10 cashmere socks and they were literally one of the best investments of my life. They're also black with green argyle on it--cute!
3. Tights. This winter, colored tights were a huge trend. I got these at Anthropologie.
4. Cowls. Obviously cowls are totally cute and totally toasty, and my lovely friend Maggie makes the perfect one! I have charcoal grey. Visit her etsy shop!
5. This year, and anyone at work can attest to this, I am obsessed with my puffer vest. NO it is not a kid's vest. I bought it at Express (surprisingly) and it has a faux fur lining on the hood. I love it and it really keeps me warm.
And a couple of cute winter looks for some ideas:

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