Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Tuesday: How to Make Edible Valentines

I had to post about my project last week for Valentine's Day!
I got this idea from Snippet & Ink's tag. Granted, mine do NOT look as pretty, but it never seems to happen that way :)

1. Buy a good pan. I found my heart tin on Amazon.com.
2. Buy a good cake mix. I chose Duncan Hines red velvet---and it was great for a box!
3. Buy writing icing, I chose red to make them look
more like conversation hearts.
4. Make a glaze icing. I found mine on foodnetwork.com. I also got food coloring and made different colors in different bowls.
5. Cut the tops off the cakes. It's easier to ice when they're flat! I also waited a full day to ice them so I made sure they were extra cool.
6. Icing... This was the hardest part. The easiest way w
as when I dunked the cakes into the icing bowls.
7. Put the cakes into the fridge to make the icing harden a bit.
8. Write on the cakes with your writing icing! Now, if these weren't so tiny, I could have done this better...but I tried!!! :)

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