Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Use What You've Got Part III.

Pencil Skirts. Well, really, any kind of skirt. I'm most fond of the pencil. Some prefer A-line, some long, some short, some mini...take your pick and work with it :)

I love wearing skirts to work. Sometimes I think I overdo it and look like a secretary but mostly it makes me feel feminine and professional. I think there are several ways you can wear a skirt without looking too stiff.
How to move away from this look...

...and into this look:

1. Pick a skirt, any skirt. I, as aforementioned, start with a pencil skirt most often.
2. Stay away from the crisp blouse look. If you MUST wear a blouse, pick something frilly.
3. You do not have to tuck in your top. I repeat, you do not have to tuck in your top.
4. Layer if you like. I often do a tank and cardi, a blouse and vest, a blouse and cardi...
5. Add jewelry. It's not corny to wear pearls.
6. And then there's footwear. Who doesn't like t strap shoes with skirts!? Tights can be added for cold weather.

These are my favorite skirt looks: (mostly from JCrew...)

What do you think?


  1. cuuuute. now go buy me some pencil skirts from jcrew. :)

  2. Ok, I have to ask (growing up with a mother who loves slips) slip, or no slip? When do you suggest wearing a slip? (if at all?)

  3. I had never thought a tee w a skirt would look so good (the second to last pic)..love it :)

  4. So my mom and i always have this discussion about "proper foundations" for your clothing. I think it can either be slip, or undies without lines...(whatever that translates for you.......) I definitely own slips, which I bought from either dillards or macy's (funny, Beth asked me just the other day about slips).

    My mom is DEFINITELY a lover of slips. She was ALSO a lover of pantyhose. I've convinced her not to wear them EVERY day but honestly, wouldnt you rather wear a slip than look like a fool? Some things remain classic in my opinion.

  5. Thank you! I'm never sure... recently, I was called a granny for wearing a slip. But I always feel kinda vulnerable without one.... You're right though, I'd rather be a granny than a fool ;)
    Yeah, my mom would never go in public without her pantyhose too- lol!


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