Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Use What You've Got.

My cousin Cindy has urged me to write about using what you've got in your wardrobe. The important thing is to start with staples in your wardrobe, and move on to fun/trendy pieces. I think the most important thing is to find a "basic" that you love, stock up on it, and rotate it through different looks.

Here are the mental steps I followed in finding my "staple basic":

1. Pic a tee, any tee (short sleeve, long sleeve, three quarter sleeve!)
2. Pic a neck shape (I chose v-neck)
3. Grab your favorite colors
4. Work them in to your wardrobe (under sweaters, paired with cardigans, under a vest, alone with jeans!)
5. Watch for them to go on sale to get more (I haven't had much luck with this!)

Here are mine:

I am wearing my light grey one today, so it is not included in the picture. These tees are from American Apparel. They wash well (I hang mine to dry) and last a long time! I think this is the one I have, but I know they have a multitude in the store. I'll double check :)

Anyways, the point is, I wear these ALL the freakin' time. And most times someone is asking me about an outfit I'm wearing, it's one of these tees!

What are your tricks to make the most out of your wardrobe?

P.S...due to comments...I think I'll continue on this post next week with another staple I can't live without..


  1. I would definitely add a few colored cardigans of various weights and lengths--- a fabulous staple to have.

  2. Uugh! I need so much help with this! Great tips, Ann!

  3. I would wear a fun belt over basic sweaters/T's or have a cute scarf tied around my neck.

  4. I looove you'r blog! Really beautiful. Hugs

  5. A great stable is pencil skirt. But I love Tee's. There are so many ways you can work them. Pair them with jeans and junk jewelry, or add a cardigan and a black skirt to them for a more sophisticated look.
    Great Blog.


  6. I own 18 pencil skirts and layer everything. When I run out of ideas I look at magazines for inspiration. I combine new and vintage and tend to choose classic pieces more than any other. I also try to always pick what is in my color chart and skip over colors that arent for me.


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