Monday, November 2, 2009

It's raining men!

Right....if only....then I would choose from here or here.

It has been raining NON STOP here for weeks. It really gets in the way of my morning walks with KO and any kind of semblance of good hair. How can people look like this when it is raining?!

I think I end up looking more like this...

So I find myself with mussed hair, wet clothes which then dry and have that weird smell to them, and generally hiding indoors waiting for the rain to stop. Which it hasn't. In weeks. Oh Mr. Sun, where are you?!


  1. THis is so true. YOu must have what we had last week. Its depressing. light lots of candles:)

  2. Tons of rain here in NY as well. At least I was able to paint instead of raking leaves !!!


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