Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lost and Found

Day 54...These babies were HIDING in my storage unit for 6 months! I happily found them last week when I moved my belongings into my new place.
A Nine West outlet purchase back in 2007, I bought these shiny greys to fill my work wardrobe. They are a bit of a malfunctioning shoe, in that when I wear them my feet often slip out the back causing a slight stop in my step. I still like the cut in at the toe and the taller heel. The patent has a couple white scuffs which I want to see if a cobbler can get out, otherwise they may have to go regardless of the outcome today. I'll keep you posted. Worn with cranberry H&M shift and navy cardi. Second photo taken after I got to work, boxes and "2 Cool" fan to boot!
“Want to know what my version of hell is? Wearing two-toned rented shoes”- Mr. Big from Sex and the City
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  1. I love them! Have you tried putting in an insert, or a sticky thing at the heel? Sometimes that helps me... sometimes it doesn't.

  2. well they fit just right. some days, too tightly. so no room for an insert. i heard that spraying hairspray in the soles works, and i have tried it, but forgot my hairspray this morning!!!


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