Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You've been Bitten.

Day 35...I feel like I'm running low on pairs to wear! I needed comfort but not flat, so I pulled these from the back of the closet.

I was told we get to wear jeans the rest of the week, which never happens. I'll take it! These are by Bitten, Sara Jessica Parker's line, which no longer finds it's home in Steve & Barry stores. I bought these for $7. Charcoal grey patent peep toe with a low heel, they are comfortable and obviously affordable. The inside has worn out a bit, but I think that's to be expected with $7 shoes.

"Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets."-Mignon McLaughlin.

What is your vote? "Keep", "Toss" below.


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