Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm just we like pleats again?

I'd just like to know before I dive in. I have a pair of summer shorts w/ pleats..but rocking them at work is another story requiring a bit of consultation.

Thanks, 'preciate ya.


  1. well if you talk to our dad he'll swear pleats were never even OUT. Rock 'em!

  2. Got to be Honest - I AM NOT A FAN OF PLEATS... Maybe it is bc it took me years to finally get them out of my mother's closet... but I just dont think they r flattering- shorts is one thing... but full on pants!? nix

    that being said - u are a skinny mini and will probably ROCK them anyways.. :D

  3. i still watch what not to wear and clinton and stacy have drilled it into my brain that pleats=bad. im not quite sure who ((in the fashion world)) was like: yay! pleats!! :) thats just my opinion though. happy day! xo

  4. SICK!!!! I just vomitted in my mouth a little.

    maybe if someone doesn't have the pooch and zero curves.... still. sick.
    (shorts can be an exception at times. depending.)

  5. i'm on board with the shorts esp. with a cute cuffed hem going on... but not pants. i think its because the leg seems to get really skinny at the bottom and the top of the pants don't remain figure flattering.

  6. This "we" does NOT like pleats. ;-)

  7. I gotta be careful with pleats. Pleats and a tapered leg are a definate no-no.


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