Friday, August 20, 2010

Lighting Project

Along with cleaning my condo this weekend, I'd love to get this one little thing figured out. In the dining room (which, let's be honest, it's just a right arm extension off the den), there's an old iron chandelier. I sprayed it white, which helped, but have always felt the need to replace it. My family urged me to be content with it, but recently all spoke out that they've always hated it! (WHAT?! gasps in horror..). So...unfortunately I cannot find a picture of the current structure, but these are the ideas I have in mind.
My roommate's table sits center stage in the dining room, which is a large, almost square, dark wood tall table with four tall chairs around it. We have the following CB2 rug under the table (sorry for the small's all I could find!!!) And our table looks something like this (sans cushions...basically it's just tall)

the table..
the rug..
I want something more on the modern side to hang over the table. The floor of my condo is a deep red brick. Here are some chandeliers I like...what do you think? Any other suggestions? This weekend I'll measure the area to fill and hope to make a decision...!!!


  1. i have ALWAYS loved the capiz chandelier in the 3rd pic down!! Beautiful!

  2. for the record, I did not lie to you about the chandelier!!!!!!!!! i wasn't even here i think :-)
    i like chandeliers numbers 2 & 4


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