Monday, August 16, 2010

Party Shorts

Put your party shorts on, we're goin' out.

I have a severe infatuation with these babies. I have seen and gawked at them in stores. There's a gorgeous satin ribbon tied around the waist to finish these bloomers off. A night on the town or tights and boots in the Winter...I think these need to make their way to my closet.

This Fall, JCrew is showing us that glitz and glitter are making a strong appearance. I'm into it...


  1. oh i saw those yesterday.. they screamed bach party!

  2. I'm all for party shorts, used to have some black velvet ones, wish I still did! XO!

  3. what dazzling shorts!!! ohmigoodness! your birthday is right around the corner!!! these shorts would be perfect for a b.d. celebration :) xo


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