Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Goals for this weekend.

I have huge goals for this weekend. Tomorrow I have a half day and Alicia and I intend on cleaning every crevice of our condo. Let's call it a Fall cleaning. On top of that, I want to spend as MUCH time outside before this beautiful weather turns to chill. (ha, wait, I'm in Texas...I've got months left of sunshine!!)
Have any cleaning tips for us?? We'll probably blast some music or play movies while we're cleaning to keep it fun...Any movies we should grab before we start??

I know the place will be so refreshing once all of this is done..


  1. :) i love house cleaning!!! for music i recommend the Beatles or perhaps Aqua or even the B52s ((basically anything with a great beat and lyrics you can sing along to!)) for movies i recommend HouseSitter (with Goldie Hawn & Steve Martin) or Wedding Crashers or perhaps Because i said so ((anything funny that keeps your mind off the fact that you are *cleaning*)) happy trails!! xo

  2. Definitely blast the music while you clean, that always motivates me! XX!


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