Monday, June 8, 2009

Lift me up, wedges.

Yes, by now I have purchased new shoes. After the big purge I even had empty space on my shelves! I went to DSW last week (typicaland spent $0. I'm serious. I went through the aisles and a few shoes caught my attention but I thought back to my challenge, and to those shoes that did not make the cut, and it made me re-think my shoe buying habits. In my head, I thought "would these be voted off?" and ended up walking out empty-handed.

About a week ago I visited Corina in N'Awlins and visited a cute boutique called Shoeffle in Covington, LA where I've been known to purchased a pair or two. I settled on two pairs in the store, one dressier wedge for Shellie's upcoming nuptials, and one summer wedge that will go with just about anything.
Here are the summer wedges:

The wedge is a little glossy, and I think made of cork, which makes them uber light and airy. The shoe is made of a shiny linen, studded to the wedge. I took the picture atop my new rug from my Ikea outting yesterday. It lives in my vanity/sink area between my closet and bathroom.

What do you think of the shoes? Has my challenge worked to only choose worthy shoes for my closet?

"Summer is a great time for wedges. With a wedge even we can appear tall"-Mary T Isreal West


  1. I love your new pair. are they comfy? good job at DSW, you should be SO proud!!

    ps- great rug too :)

  2. YES! they are SO comfortable! They weigh nothing and make me much taller :) success!!


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