Thursday, June 11, 2009

Justified Purchase?

So all night long the storms woke me up because lightning would light up my entire bedroom...

Regardless, I eventually got out of bed and got dressed for work. I drove my small SUV through the storm and this is what I saw when approaching downtown...

Does this weather justify these? Probably not but I sure love Hunter Wellies....

Sigh...I guess I'll hold off on purchasing...

"Brilliant to the top of his army boots, those boots were leather Wellingtons." Lloyd George describing General Douglas Haig.


  1. I bought a pair of Burberry Wellies last summer in hopes to Justify them ONE DAY! Let me tell you that ONE day turned into months of enjoyment- I love them and wear them ALOT!

  2. haha I think I wrote you 10 comments- Only approve one ;)

  3. You need to get them.
    My roomies have and love their rain boots. I so need to invest bc I am constantly stomping thru puddles on the way to work... and it is so frustrating!

  4. I definitely think you should buy them!!!


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