Thursday, March 24, 2011


I came across this recently ( I don't remember where ) but once I saw it, Julie and I began obsessing over it. I have been on the hunt for the basic tote. canvas or linen bag, leather handles. These straps are adjustable, and at such a low price!

Since I gave up shopping for lent (kill me), I haven't ordered one yet. Julie got hers in the mail recently and it couldn't be any freakin' cuter!!
Can't wait to order one! Maybe the mint green??


  1. Pretty!! and I love the mint green one!! That color is beautiful!!

  2. I join you in the obsession! I saw this a few weeks ago on Pinterest and bought it right away! It is for a gift, but seriously tempted to keep it. It might be the best ever.

    Hope you are doing well chica!


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