Friday, October 29, 2010

Sparkle and Shine

As usual, Anthro bedazzles the new change in seasons. Day or night-friendly, sparkle and dazzling outfits are in. But does your budget have to be out? I took a look at Target and found some definite options to fit the trend.

Just a couple options to get you going...happy weekend!! (And Halloween!!!)


  1. you bedazzle me. i love deals + sparkle + Ann.

  2. i loooooved that email from anthro. must stay out of the store before i end up with all of it!

  3. can never have too much girly shiny glam! wouldn't it be amazing---wouldn't you just die----having the opportunity to be part of the creative team for advertising at Anthro? Or a stylist there? holy moly. heart attack just thinking about it!


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