Thursday, October 28, 2010

Covered Up

So remember my post about this fabulous poncho/cape at Madewell? I love it. It's $198. I live in Texas, so it'd be warm enough to cover me through Winter. (I probably won't buy it, but Julie's thinking about it!). Super fantastic merino-knit sweater.

At any rate, I thought we needed to look at the competition. We have the cocoon popover, made it double-faced cashmere...yours for only $1,200 (currently sold out, but they'll find a way to provide more).
Anthropologie offers this lovely slight military-esque cape in a green motif in wool. Same price as the Madewell cape, but completely different style/uses.
Then our go-to for the less expensive versions, Modcloth offers the Manta Ray in a wool blend for $72.99.

And if you just want to achieve the cape-look, without fully committing to the trend or the money, hop over to Old Navy (not the greatest quality, but at $30-40, you can risk it).

Or the Marled cable-knit (which I personally love) (even though I occasionally have a fear of turtle necks):

Happy shopping :)

Ps--if all you want is the Madewell cape, spend $100+ and get free shipping with the code SCORE.


  1. Love these! And I'm with Dipti, I think I love the manta ray the most! XX!


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