Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Social Network

No doubt you've all heard of this movie. I went to see it on Friday with my roommate and a couple friends. Jesse Eisenberg played the ever famous Mark Zuckerberg, creator of (the) Facebook, attendee of Harvard University.

This is near the beginning of the film...(notice the dart in mouth and the old school Gap hoodie). He came back from a date with Erica Albright that resulted in the end of their relationship...not due to his being a nerd, but an asshole.
Mr. Timberlake also graced the film with his presence, playing Sean Parker, creator of Napster, and the cool cat who pushed Zuckerberg to spiral out of control.
Here is one of my favorite scenes, where Zuckerberg admits to not giving the room his full attention, because he didn't think they deserved his full attention. Loved his honesty and brashness.

And the best cinematography of the film was probably during the rowing scene with the Winklevoss twins (both played by Armie Hammer, though he does have a twin in real life).

Below is the real Zuckerberg, with the over-worn Adidas sandals (that Eisenberg also sported during the film).
Overall, a well done dramatic depiction of the events leading to (the) Facebook. Had I known the full story, I might not have gotten into it myself. It is a good way to keep in touch with those we do not see regularly, but can lead to dangerous amounts of wasted work hours and nights sleep.
Upon exiting the theater..my roommate looked at me and said "you know, this is the time where I'd pull out my phone and check Facebook...ironic".

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  1. I neeeed to go see this movie soon! Can't wait. Time to get disillusioned with facebook!


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