Friday, September 10, 2010

Take me to the forest

The French forest that is. This lovely couple (seen on Once Wed) was married in her grandparents forest-doesn't that sound like a dream? See the images here...and below are my favorites.

Ahhh to lay back in the grass with your lover.

The theme of the wedding was dots and stripes, and some guests followed suits. Love the gentleman's horizontal stripe top-looks very Parisian.

The details are magnificent!!

Here is Eleanore's fashion blog as well. I'm still pouring through it and am developing a girl crush :) The tagline says "Eleanore Bridge- Who the hell are you?" haa!


  1. Gorgeous wedding!! I want to lay in an enchanted forest with my hubby...

  2. Such a beautiful wedding, take me back to Paris!

    I adore her blog too!


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