Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's the collegiate way.

Fashion week is upon us. What is my single most favorite article of clothing? The cardigan. What is the style this Fall (carrying on from Spring)? The collegiate cardigan. While I probably won't go so far as to stitch a letter and cheer "gimme a B!", I'll take my cues from NYFashion any day.

Love this paired with soft, feminine ruffles.

You know I'm obsessed with this look...from her locks to her specks to the skinny cheetah belt wrapped around her waist. Love this Madewell cardi.

Hello Mr. Cutie-pants (and by pants I mean butt).

Simple. Masculine. Structured.
The cardigan is uber prominent in my closet...from grey to stripes, from prints to bold colors, from short sleeve to long, from Cotton to wool...I've got them all. I still manage to pick up a few new ones a season (they're my weakness!).


  1. LOL! By pants I mean butt! You are so funny!!
    I love those cardigans!!! I like how cardigans can keep the spring chill away and then you can layer it for fall! ((Hurry for fall!!))
    Hope you are having a lovely fall day!
    cardigans, school letters and butt jeans,

  2. Love the red belted one! Gorgeous! XX!


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