Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have you met?

My nephew Moses? He has a distinct eye for being adorable, giggling, and being a general badass.
And how about Teddy? He's new to the group too, weighing in close to Mo's weight already, at only 3 months. What a chunk!
(both photos taken by my cousin, Julie, of course.)

These little guys (plus the three others I already had!) keep me laughing and playing all the time. You really forget about the petty things in life when they ask you to play "Hi ho Cherry-O" or swim for hours. Love them to pieces!!!

80's pics to follow......


  1. aww...they are adorable! Love the pics with the giant glasses : )

  2. How cute is he in those glasses! XO!

  3. tag, you're it! :0)


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