Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Tuesday: Wedding Season Part IV: Recovery

I've just returned from a wedding of a dear friend. You may have thoughts in your head of how relaxing a wedding weekend will be, but no matter if you're in it or just attending, the travel and excitement will definitely weigh on you! Recovery is essential...I'm also going to include some hilarious things my friend Jon wish he had the next day.
during "Shout" --- a little bit softer now..
Remember to Pack...
1. Comfortable travelling clothes for on the way home. Shellie wears a cute cotton dress that is long and stretchy enough to also serve as a blanket..haha.
2. Comfortable shoes/flip flops (hey Jen, watch out for cow manure).
3. Pain relief medicines---Pepto, Tylenol, Advil.. whatever your "go to" is.
After the wedding...
1. Chug water.
2. Pack some of your belongings so you have as little to do as possible in the am.
3. Set your alarm to wake up in time for check out.
4. Remain calm. Crazy things could still happen between leaving the hotel and getting back home..flight changes, check out problems, missing persons, etc.
5. Get magazines for the flight, in case you don't pass out immediately for a good nap :)


  1. Oh, how fun! Weddings are so fun, but yes, they are exhausting! You and your friends look gorgeous!


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