Friday, June 18, 2010

A friend in Friday

The weekend is almost here! I can taste it! I got a Who, What, Wear on Tuesday that made me laugh---it has to do with Airport dressing. Went right along the theme with my How Tuesday this week.

Between leggings, skinnies, slip ons and scarves...over-sized totes, simple accessories, and a sweater to throw on, the airport can be an easily maneuverable transition between where you are and where you want to go. I love to wear baggy linen pants and flip flops in the airport...or skinnies and ballet flats...and I try to bring a snack/buy a snack since I definitely cannot rely on something tasty on the plane any more.

Anyone travelling anywhere this summer?


  1. PERU! It always make it difficult when traveling and you have to go from one season to the complete opposite at your destination. It will be winter!

  2. Denver, Atlanta , China and NEPAL !!!!

    How random are those !!

  3. Oh my gosh, people can go SO WRONG in airports. I am always shocked by what I see (oh, and honestly, the behavior that goes along with it, I swear people's IQ drops 20 points once they enter an airport!!!). So, lol, we will be going everywhere by car this summer! XO!

  4. Beaumont (x2), southern Louisiana, Austin/Lake Travis! All car traveling... hate it but I can wear comfy pants instead of real pants :)


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