Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Tuesday: How to rebrand yourself.

So, my cousin Julie and I have been pouring over my branding, trying to get it just right-the font, the colors, the images, etc. We were branding my etsy shop for February launch and just not getting it RIGHT. Then the light bulb flicked on. I was perusing an etsy shop for labels for my headbands and found one with a dandelion on it. It hit me! Hel-lo! Make it all cohesive!

Here are the steps:

1. Seek help of a professional---that would be my cousin.

2. Pick your colors & theme---my favorite inspiration color boards come from Snippet and Ink and I just happen to be obsessed with the bottle glass & black board:

image via Snippet & Ink
3. Pick an image. As you may have noticed from my header, my favorite image is the dandelion. It's been almost a mantra symbol for me for years and I chose it when re-vamping my blog so that it left the playing field open for me to blog about anything! We thought..wait...why not use it for my etsy shop too???

4. Pull it all together. We are crazy obsessive with cohesiveness (is that a word??) so everything had to change. My blog header changed, my etsy header changed, the colors were matched to the inspiration board, etc etc etc..we've come up with the etsy header as well, which I'll only allow you to see a SNEAK peak of it! Can't give away ALL my secrets!!

5. Pray everyone likes it! So, do you?? I am so freaking excited to have this problem solved and to have it feel right and make sense! Hurray!!!

psssst-confession- I was going to do a how Tuesday about something entirely different but when I woke up this morning I completely forgot what that idea was...please forgive me and hope I remember by next week :)


  1. love this post......and that beautiful picutre...
    and loving your blog too.
    will definitely following you

  2. Ann, so happy its coming together for you. It is ALL about the branding! Mine has been a work in process, and still looking for the perfect packing solutions:)
    So excited to see the launch! Let me know if you want to use the Radiant pages for Fridays coming up


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