Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Made for jade...

Why does this always happen!? Remember when Black Satin came out...everyone went on a mad rush to get it, and the price went up to hundreds of dollars a bottle on ebay! Let me remind you people...the bottle contains only 0.4 fluid ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is STILL hard to find years later.
**Mac made a great version of Black Satin and still makes great polish.
***I am also a fan of Sally Hansen nail polish.. it is long lasting!

When I was in NY this weekend, I walked by the Chanel on 57th. I noticed on the mannequins nails there was green polish. Oh, this was not a coincidence. They showed Jade down the runway and now it is being equally hunted and....sold out.
(Jade on left, Jade Rose on right)
Why!? Why does this happen!? I think I'll settle for a similar OPI shade :) Either that or I'll follow this gal's advice and mix my own!

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