Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's the time of year...

For a getaway. I crave the city around this time of year. I'm sure it's bloody hot, so I'll wait a little while.

(click to enlarge)
Last summer my mom and I ran away to NYC for a few days. I had just moved, we were overtired, recovering from our busy lives, and needed a getaway. These are some of our spots... La Grenouille, Pinkberry, NY Public Library, Empire State building, and shopping, shopping, and more shopping! We went to yoga at my cousin's studio, Mang'Oh. We slept in. We ordered in. And I believe I only bought one pair of shoes! They were Day 8's Snakeskins.

Next time I go to NYC, I'd like to go to Pastis for dinner. Balthazar's for lunch. Then shop till I drop... What are your stops in the city?


  1. the weather right now is actually GORGEOUS :) not too hot at alllll - thats what we get for a whole month of rain in June... please come sooon!!

  2. fave hot spot: my apartment with sundeck!! and of course Central Park. come soon.


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