Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach day.

Swimwear is fabulous this year. Vintage inspiration takes us back to a more modest feel. Cover ups and over sized beach hats, wine spritzers and long walks. I love the beach.
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I absolutely adore anthropologie's swim collection. If only it didn't cost a holy fortune... JCrew has a new Jersey Lomellina line that "gives each suit a rich luminescent appearance and allows it to keep its shape longer". The Sartorialist posts gobs of images of everyday beach wear.
Just yesterday I proposed a beach day to my cousin. What is standing in our way? Short term obligations that will be wrapping up at the end of August...perfect timing to enjoy the end of the summer in Texas. We'll pack a cooler of snacks and wine and gab about fashion magazines and photography all day. Check her out here!
For now I'll enjoy lunches on patios and swimming at my parent's pool...until I can get the full effect!
Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Ann I miss our beach days!!! Can we please have one again someday?


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