Friday, May 13, 2011

morning work outs.

So I work out nearly every morning. (caveat-----with Aunt Anne's funeral and other dramas, I've been less diligent, but am getting back on the horse again, which started yesterday).

Now, let me just say, there are benefits to working out in the morning!!

1. You finish the worst part of your day, right at the beginning.

2. You burn calories all day long.

3. It helps you wake up.

4. You actually did the work out, instead of possibly putting it off.

5. Working out increases mental acuity, so you're more alert throughout the day.

6. Work out in the morning, and be less likely to eat crappy, greasy foods the rest of the day.

I do realize there are some negatives to working out in the morning!!!

1. O-m-g I have to get out of bed at what time?! I get it. It's tough. If you get up the same time every day (I get up at about 5:40), it'll get easier and easier.

2. Getting up early (It deserves two spots).

3. Getting to work later (I get in between 8:30 and 9, which means I work through lunch, or stay later).

4. Sweating for that first hour you get to work. Now I don't think this happens to everyone, but it does to me. My heart rate keeps pumping (plus add in the coffee) and causing me to sweat for a little while.

But seriously...if I leave my work out until the evening, I might as well kiss it goodbye. I'll find a happy hour, or a nap, or an errand to replace it within five seconds. Occasionally I work out in the morning, and then take another class or yoga in the evenings to get me extra tired so I sleep like a baby.

Also...who doesn't love cute work out clothes? Sometimes I splurge on Lululemon work out clothes (I love these pants, these, and these tanks), but Target has my favorite sports bras and tanks.


  1. I will try this. i will try this. i can do it....
    Thanks Ann! You are an inspiration!

  2. I work out in the morning too and I totally get that sweating the first hour of work thing, not to forget the the red face :)


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