Friday, April 1, 2011

JCrew Fall 2011 Lookbook favs

These are my favs of the JCrew Fall 2011 lookbook. But I do want to know..what's in store for the dead of summer? Please all linen, please. It gets so blasted hot here in Texas. Regardless of the fact that I'm wearing boots today because of a little cold snap, as soon as I'm able to wear wedges & sandals consistently every day, I'll start to dream of the boot and tights weather again. Whatever these striped babies are, I gotta have 'em.
Check out the bracelets!!!
Love anything with specs.
Hel-lo cape!
Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
Fabulously neon yellow.
Poofy pants could be cool!
Now back to reality...who am I kidding though? I scheduled this post ahead of time, so by now I'm lying on the beach in sunny Florida with these ladies!!!

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