Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, pardon the iPhone photos, but something exciting is going on in my condo!!! My uncle tore out the wet bar (it was pretty wretched looking, and poorly constructed) and we've picked out tile and sink/faucet so far for the re-installation. He'll be making a new cabinet, and new shelves.

Here's the new drop in sink:

and the kick-ass faucet:

We'll use three high of this as the back splash...

And this will be the counter top!! (so excited)
Here is the empty space now:
And this is Calvin in the early morning. Obviously nothing to do with the remodel, except for the fact that he's glad that the demo work is over, so he can go back to eating peacefully.

ps apologize for the delayed post. Internet was down for an hour this morning...obviously we're all hooked because it became quite the social hour.

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