Friday, January 14, 2011

Closet pep talk

This morning I was all "what should I wear?" So I put on my favorite skinnies (ahem, Target) and stood there peering in my closet. You know the days where you don't even have a thought of what you want to look like?

Well that was today. So I went online to Madewell and I saw this:

So I thought "Ya, I'll wear a belt!" Then I put on my fantastic orangey-silky blouse tucked in which really pops against the dark denim.
I thought "Ya this is working!" and was watching Honey while sipping my coffee and finishing hair/make up (wish I had a stylist to help with that).
Then I spilled coffee down my orangey-silky blouse.
Pulled it off (actually, quite quickly due to those little snaps!) and threw on a navy tee.
Oh well, at least it's Friday! Will be making my third stop at the cleaners this week.


  1. Boo!!
    I ALWAYS look into my overflowing closet, jam packed with dresses/skirts/tops/jeans and say "I have nothing to wear!" :P
    Fantastic inspiration photo!! :)
    TGIF friend!

  2. I was just about to run down and check out this awesome outfit... then i got to the end. boo for spilling coffee but yay for Friday.

  3. ugh how frustrating! Hope you didn't get burned...

  4. Yup, I started off today with a coffee spill too!;)


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