Thursday, December 2, 2010

The atypical.

I like the odd dishes and kitchenware that Anthropologie sells. I also like mugs and cups that are more rustic... As I spied the section on their site, I was picturing the perfect outfit to wear with it..
...waking up in the morning to a nice mug of coffee.... a relaxed striped tunic (perhaps with leggings, boots, and a shawl sweater?)...
...sitting down to dinner in this unique flatware...
...with candlelight, something warm, and this rich colored dress...
...sipping some tea (or a hot toddy?) in the evening... this sweet little frock...


  1. Beautiful finds friend!!!!
    I love that first mug!!!!!
    Simply beautiful!!!

  2. my favorites are the first and the last....the sweet striped mug, and that scalloped dress!


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