Thursday, October 7, 2010


Cue Rachel from Friends: "These are my 'I don't need a job, I've got great boots!' boots".

(See Who What Wear blast here)
So it's obvious I love boots. Right? I've been underwhelmed by boots in the shops (I know it's still early in the season). But seriously? A few years ago I bought these Steve Madden staples in JULY because I loved them so much. And I blogged about them day two of my blogging here.
Now WWW has come out with a blast that may make me change my mind on this season's selection. The Alician..the Karena...the Fivvy...the will I chose? What boots are you on the market for this season? I'm looking for a wedged boot...which is why the Alician may win out of all of these! Plus I really do like the word taupe. So taupey don't you think?


  1. Lol! I LOVE the Friends quote!! ((You know how I adore quotes))
    I really wanted some tall boots ((The ones I bought from Target)) and I wanted some ankle booties ((The ones I bought from UO)) Taupe is an amazing word and a lovely color. I like the color caramel too.
    Happy day friend,

  2. I vote Alician!!! And you gotta love a quote from Rachel...

  3. I noticed the Alician is a cuff boot. So obviously you approve. I'm undecided. I LOVED them when I first saw them online. Showed Ryan, he hated them, but that's not saying much since usually newer fashions grow on him. But, then we saw them in person and I was really grossed out! Hers were slouchy and really made her calves look HUGE! Have you tried them on? Maybe she just had a cheap pair??

    I'm loving the strappy boots and am buying these this week-

  4. Alician I say..that color is fantabulous!!

  5. oooh...hard choice! These are all lovely. i'd have to say fivvy i think. but minus the laces?? ?hmm unsure. ok, and the alician : )


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