Friday, September 3, 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell

Alexa Chung is really pushing for the socks + sandals/shoes look this Fall. The models wearing her line for Madewell are repeat offenders in nearly every preview!

I have these shoes on today (in the suede version) (sans socks) and love them. SOooo comfortable.
Cue model on the right---with that poppy red top? Looooooove the sailor buckle belt she's sporting.

Pairing a cute fitted blazer with poppy red shorts-sure! Why not? Just pack some pants should you run into snow or sleet...

Obviously, I'm ready for Fall.


  1. You and your fall comments/blog posts!!! :)
    You are making me super duper anxious for fall to arrive ((and it nowhere to be seen!!)) :)
    I love these models outfits ((I *still* however cannot pull off this look!)).
    Happy Friday Friend!
    shorts , socks and sandals,
    P.S. You are mentioned in my blog post today! ((Don't blame me! It's about fall fashion and you are always the one talking about the cutest and most amazing fall ensembles!)) :)

  2. I love the socks and sandals, but you have to have really skinny legs to wear it, I think! Have a wonderful birthday! XX!

  3. One of the judges on Project Runway the other night was wearing socks with sandals! I just wish I lived in a big enough city that I could get away with it :)

  4. happy birthday! i wonder if i can pull the socks and sandals thing off.

  5. Happy birthday!! and i love those looks!


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