Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A new idea.

Lisa Linehan has a new idea. Plan the wedding, and hope to find a groom. Is she part of the "build it and he will come" Field of Dreams theory? Buy the dress, get the cake, set the date, book the venue...surely the groom will appear. She has literally done all that, with no man in mind. Lisa is 35 and wants to cut to the chase and find love. She admits it is unconventional, but is excited at the potential fairy tale outcome. If she doesn't find a groom by her February 15 deadline, she'd like to enjoy the party anyways. My question is, will she wear the dress?

I am completely speechless...


  1. huh? ..... i am not quite sure what to say, except, i hope in the end it all works out for her. ........ interesting.

  2. hahahahaaa..... wow all I can say is a giant O.M.G????

  3. is this for real!?!?!?!?!! cra-zy


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