Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspired by an outfit

Subject: Diane Kruger's fabulous and unexpected color matches.

I've never thought to wear an icey/minty blue with a purple fuchsia before...have you? Diane has inspired me. Not only do I want to dress like she did, I want to decorate like this!

The calming effect of this paint in a room would be so soothing. Imagine--open up the breeze...sipping wine...ahhhh (although it would probably have to be white wine with this super light room!)
Very relaxed and beachy-love the sneak you get of the dining room!
Who DOESN'T love tiling in a bathroom?
I.Love.This.Room. The tufted velvet couch. The array of various framed florals. The funky lamp. The rich color on the walls! What's not to love?
Love the subtle POP of purple fuchsia in an otherwise animal room (ha).
What a bright pop of color on the floor! Reminds me of another post I saw somewhere in blog land..

Oh and happy Friday! I have a wedding to attend this weekend and other small things to do to get caught up from a busy week at work :)

Also-have you ever noticed how weird the spelling is for fucshia?!


  1. I also LOVE the shiny coffee table in the fourth house...

  2. Ms. Kruger is always so beautiful and classy. I love the daring colors and the way you can always find a room to go along with an outfit!! ((you're so cute!)) i love the room with the fucshsia wall and that bathroom is so luxurious!
    happy friday friend!
    wishing you sunshine, cute clothes and fucshia rooms! :)

  3. Great combo, who would have thought?? I adore that purple room, so gorgeous! XX!

  4. I love the purple in those spaces, so lovely & I dislike Diane by being able to pull off any outfit ;-)


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