Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Tuesday: Wedding Season Part 2: Bachelorette

You've survived the shower(s). You've RSVP'ed to the wedding. You've bought a gift or two. The big day is approaching...what now? The all famous bachelorette party. First of all, it's always better when the party is a safe distance from the wedding. I can't tell you how many disasters I've witnessed when it is the opposite.

The lingerie shower. Often the bachelorette starts with a lingerie shower.
1. Host it at some one's house with hors d'oeuvres.
2. Make some drinks (like champagne with raspberries in it).
3. If you must play a game, play one where the bride wins---i.e. gets more "gifts".
4. Secret weapon for lingerie purchases? Ross! I am not even kidding... Ross has the best selection, and cheap too. AND the greatest part? Every bride loves what I've gotten them. (sing with me... "I got it at Ross!!").
Going out.
1. It's not your party. You can offer to be the designated driver, or arrange for taxis/car service.
2. Make sure to bring sashes/veils/bells/whistles so that everyone knows the bride has arrived.
3. Make sure the bride is well fed/has a drink at all times.
4. Keep the creeps away from the bride (there are always those sketchy guys thinking they can bust up the wedding last minute...).
5. If she's not having fun, move to another location! Karaoke bars, patio bars, and bars with a good DJ are probably the most fun.

1. I said it before---simple rule: don't ever out shine the bride. Save your gold disco dress for when it is your day, or lend it to her.
2. Theme dressing is always fun, if you can get the rest of the bridal party or guests to join in.
3. Really tall heels may not be the most conducive for hours of dancing. Wedges?
4. If the bride is up for it make shirts for each guest (or at least the bridal party) saying you're with the bride, or even stickers/sashes to wear.
1. Feel like you're dead the next day? Order hangover food for the bride (whatever her choosing) or cook it.
2. Buy eye masks.
3. Arrange for light activity the next day such as mani/pedis.
4. Help the bride pack up her goodies by giving her a big tote as a party favor.
5. Help whoever hosted the lingerie party clean up.

Some of my favorite bachelorette parties were the most nontraditional venues... My cousin had hers at my apartment when I lived in San Antonio, where it was a short distance to go toobing on the Comal river and visit some vineyards in the hill country. We did go dancing downtown during the weekend as well. Just ask the bride what she wants and go from there! It doesn't have to be "the typical" night. Here are some pictures from the event almost 2 years ago!

Floating on the river was a BLAST

I ordered a custom tank for Julie that said their names and the date of the wedding with little stick wedding figures :)


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