Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seeing Stripes

I'm obsessed with Stripes. Literally. I gravitate to it in clothes, in pillows, in shoes, in helps that stripes are completely in style and available widespread. From a fantastic house that Julie and I are obsessed with shown on MadebyGirl. I can post about these shoes as much as I want, thank you.

via Coco + Kelley. These looks are luscious!

Getting romantic in stripes

The perfect weekend wear...Where can I find it (at a steal)?!

I would love my living room to look like this.

sweats and heels? I'm not sure I could pull this off but my roommate did it.

and these too. (plus we can keep remembering the late McQueen through posting them)

did you notice the shoes??? via Coco + Kelley.


  1. obsessing over the first room.

  2. I have the White House/Black Market version of the McQueen shoes. They are SO hot - and they go with EVERYTHING! Love the stripes post! :)


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