Thursday, February 18, 2010

To my dear sister, Virginia

Virginia is my middle sister (I'm the baby of three girls, Audra being the oldest). She had Moses 6 months ago and has been working hard to make his life wonderful by putting him (and her husband D'Arcy) before herself. She took a step back and realized what she wanted for herself was just that-herself! She wanted to own it. She wanted to be herself. She wanted to break through barriers. So she started to do it! Audra, Virginia (+Moses in tow), and I jumped in the car in Austin and got Virginia's nose pierced. It looks awesome, and it started something. I wanted to help her by putting together an inspiration board of what her look, her style, her sass, encompasses. Yesterday she did a major purge in her closet, and she feels like a new woman! Go Virginia! I'm also working on a soundtrack for Virginia, but haven't quite finished it yet. This is the first of many inspiration boards for her :)
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  1. A nose ring?? How bold and exciting!
    What a great sister you are Ann- you should tell Liza about this Inspiration Board thing...
    Keep owning it Virginia!!

  2. Virg definately knows how to own it. I have always loved her hair for instance...and her style.
    I love that she is doing a post-baby revamp. Now I am inspired!

  3. Virg got her NOSE PIERCED??? That's awesome! Can't wait to see the new look!


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