Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Analytics Part II

I was reading Abe's post this morning about all the countries she has visiting her site... in the last month, among 2,000 visits, I had 32 countries looking at my blog!!! Canada and the US are at the top followed by the UK and Mexico. I expanded it to be a 2 month window and 59 countries, 3,500 visits, have viewed!!! Some countries I didn't even know existed, nor how to pronounce them... Some countries on my list of places to see...Some countries I can't even figure out HOW ON EARTH they got over to my little daily dose.

Today so far, the US and the Netherlands have viewed my blog. Hello Netherlands!

You can even narrow down to cities that view your blog. I can see Ft. Collins is a regular visitor, which is probably Abe :)

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