Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wrap it Up.

So, over the last few holidays and occasions, I was the shit-show-of-a-daughter/sister/friend and came with unwrapped gifts. I KNOW, it seems very unlike me, but it happens sometimes. I don't know what excuse to give, so I won't. I'd rush in for the family birthday celebration of ______ and scrounge around at my mom's for wrapping paper/tape/scissors/tag...sigh. I decided it was time to GROW UP and GET IT TOGETHER. I did some brainstorming on what I wanted (no Santas) and had some great success!

First I went to the Container Store and bought about 8, they do not have the best bang for your buck, but the paper is so lovely! I bought tags, some ribbons, paper, and this perfect box to stow it all in under my bed!

Few days later, I went to a magical place, Hobby Lobby. They don't have the best website, but they have great wrapping! I picked up a roll or two, and some extra ribbon, to add to my underbed box.

This year I want to have my gifts wrapped up and under the tree. I think I can definitely make it happen since I just have one more thing to buy!

I also came across this great idea for reusable wrapping...perhaps next year?? Chewingthecud...interesting name, fabulous ideas!

And how about a way to re-use architectural plans? How creative!
Seen on Danny Seo's blog and Apartment Therapy.


  1. I've also used the Sunday comics with bright, red ribbon. Super cute and CHEAP!

  2. I usually get mine at Target... red and white polka dots this year! And, I love the under-bed boxes. I've got two :)

  3. LOVE the fabric idea! Traditional wrap isn't recyclable, so I decided to use brown craft paper that can be painted/stamped along with red ribbon. I may even have the kiddos I nanny help me paint- fun! :)


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