Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grocery Store on Mondays

My roommate and I went to Central Market on Monday and what did we find (besides the oddests looking produce)? TONS of young, single looking guys, grocery shopping. It surprises me every time I go on a Monday because I forget, but I believe Monday is single's night for grocery stores.

My friend Jen wrote about it too, which cracks me up because I had been thinking the same thoughts!

As I was searching for a picture to post, I came accross aerobic grocery shopping...ok never heard that one before...


  1. too funny. it would be great to entertain the idea of how you would conveniently run into one of them and start a conversation;)

  2. I hope this holds true in Virginia! Too bad we don't have Central Market here. I guess Trader Joe's Will have to suffice :)


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