Friday, September 11, 2009

The September Issue.

"Gird your loins" says Nigel (Stanley Tucci) on Devil Wears Prada.

Let me just tell you that I nearly fell out of my movie seat while watching the preview for Anna Wintour herself in "September Issue" for two reasons.

1) Such an icon playing herself in this fabulous flick!

2) Someone behind me said "Oh, they're copying Devil Wears Prada!"

I die. Ba-nanas.

What are you talking about they copied DWP. The movie is modeled after Ms. Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, because "it was decided" to be so, from her father. The film by R. J. Cutler is based on the 840 page September issue sent to press which marks the "January of fashion" weighing in at 5 pounds.

So. back to fashion week. What was the kick off? Fashion night out. And a supposed Stimulus package? Sure, why not.

"New York City, for one night, seemed to forget that there was a recession."

Stores stayed open till 11 pm to promote shopping as the kick off for fashion week. Icons like Ms. Wintour, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, and celebrities like Sean Combs, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, and Kate Hudson made their presence at the stores as well. For many, the display of iconic support was enough to encourage them to open their pocketbooks and ignore their electric bill. For many, it was not. The hope is to "stimulate" the fashion industry, which in NYC alone, is a $10 billion industry employing roughly 175,000 people!

Ms. Wintour (also known as 'Nuclear Wintour') exclaimed that the evening was "bigger than our wildest dreams".

Another topic not aforementioned in the fashion world was budgeting. (YES! Budgeting!) Designers are making smarter decisions when procuring materials for their designs and trying to shave costs as much as possible. The struggle for them is to do this without losing what they do as a designer.

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