Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Clean up your Closet: Part II in a Continuous Series

I was asked by a lovely reader how to organize belts, going out tops, and other less hanger friendly items in her closet. I'd be happy to post on that!!

I have broken it down into a series of steps. Warning-this may require a trip to the container store, but the items I have are NOT a budget buster.

-Belts: I have hung belts, I have draped belts, but what has worked best out of all of these is this belt organizer. It is great! I have all of my belts wound in the skinny drawer with this divider in it.

-Going out tops: drawer. I said it! Drawer is best I think. How annoying is it when the strappy tops fall off the hangers and hide back in the closet collecting dust...NOT GOOD!
-Scarves: box them! I bought boxes for my DVDs in one apartment from Ikea (I had A-O in one box and P-Z in a second box), and now have shelves for those. So I decided to re-use one of the boxes for scarves/gloves/hats/capelets. They're all in there.

-Sweaters: this is a quandary. I have mine folded in a drawer for the current season, and boxed (with cedar) for those out of season. Most times if I plan on wearing a particular sweater the next day, I lay it out a day early to get any wrinkles out.
-Socks, bathing suits, pajamas, and undergarments: also difficult! I go back and forth. For now I have one drawer that has sweats, work out clothes, leggings. Another drawer has socks and tights (it is skinny). Another skinny drawer for undergarments. Another skinny drawer for bathing suits. Then a final bigger drawer for pajamas.

Now, for the how to:
1. Take a breathe. This is a big undertaking. (snack in hand?)
2. Assemble the belt organizer and fit into a skinny drawer.
3. Roll belts and place in spaces.
4. Fold sweaters and place in drawer.
5. Fold going out tops in half. You can fit two rows of them in one drawer. I have my shorts in the same drawer as well!
6. Fold scarves carefully and neatly. Stow in box with hats, gloves, and capelets.
7. Fold sweaters (hey, if you're OCD and have a folding board, definitely use it. I miss using one from the JCrew days sometimes) and place in drawer. Don't stuff them!!
8. Separate undergarments, sweats, and PJs according to your preference and arrange into drawers.
9. Be happy! Be at peace!

Voila, tomorrow I will post pictures of my result-today my camera was having technical difficulties..

How did it work for you?

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  1. Aha !! seems like a trip to the container store is in my "very" near future :)..thanks Ann.


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